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Dr. Jonathan S. Hall

Florida: ME93949


Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons New York, NY Degree: M.D. 1993 – 1998 Academic Honors: Neurosurgery Neuroscience Surgery Cell Biology Dermatology Human Development Epidemiology Physiology Biochemistry Emory University Atlanta, GA Degree: B.S. Chemistry Distinctions: Magna Cum Laude Merck Award for Most Outstanding Chemistry Major

Clinical History

•Jonathan S. Hall M.D., P.A. Private Practice St. Petersburg, Fl. November 2008 – Present The Center for Neurosurgical and Spine Care Dunedin, Fl August 2005 – July 2008 Residency Emory University Atlanta, GA Neurosurgical Residency July 1999 – June 2005 Internship Emory University Atlanta, GA July 1998 – June 1999

Hospital Affiliations

Bayfront Medical Center St. Petersburg, Fl. Palms of Pasadena Hospital St. Petersburg, Fl.


•American Association of Neurological Surgeons 2000: Intracerebral Clysis in a Rat Glioma Model: Preclinical in Vivo  Drug Investigation

Congress of Neurological Surgeons 1998: *Intracerebral Clysis Enhances the distribution of Adenoviral Transfection in Rat Brain

•Immunity To Glioma Following Cure with Topotecan Society For Neuro-Oncology 1998

•Local Delivery of Topotecan by Intracerebral Clycic improves Efficacy and Increases Drug Levels in C6 Rat Glioma Model Congress of Neurological Surgeons 1997:

•C6 Rat Glioma as a Paradigm for Intracerebral Transplant Rejection

•Tumor Sensitivity to HSV-TK / Ganciclovir Gene Therapy Correlates with Gene Expression

•Heterogeneity of Gene Expression in Glioma is Affected by Cytokines

•The Effect of Gene Therapy on MHC Gene Expression in Human Glioma

•Modifications of the Intracranial C6 Glioma Model Improve Tumor Uniformity and Decrease Anesthesia-related Mortality During Intratumoral Chemotherapy Congress Of Analytical Chemists 1993:

•Flow Injection Analysis of calcium in Microdialysis Samples Publications/Articles: Tissues Distribution Antitumor Activity of Topotecan Delivered by Intracerebral Clysis in a Rat Glioma Model Neurosurgery Dec 2000, Vol. 147 Number 6, Pg 1391

•Limitations of the C6 /Wistar Rat Intracerebral Glioma Model: Implications For Evaluating Immunotherapy Neurosurgery Oct 2000, Vol. 147 Number 4, Pg 993

•Intracerebral Clysis in Rat Glioma Model Neurosurgery March 2000, Vol. 146, Number 3, Pg 683

•Application of Glutamate in the Cortex of Rats: A Microdialysis Study Acta Neurochirurgica 1996, Vol. 167, Pg 6.

Professional Associations

Pinellas County Medical Association

American Medical Association

Congress of Neurological Surgeons

American Association of Neurological Surgeons

American Brain Tumor Association

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