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Interspinous Stabilization (CoFlex) Surgery

CoFlex Surgery

In this surgical procedure, a titanium alloy device is implanted to relieve back pain or numbness in the legs or buttocks caused by spinal stenosis. It is a special procedure because it allows your spine to move. CoFlex is able to do this because it does not fuse your spine together keeping it working. Although many surgeons still recommend spinal fusions, CoFlex is a better alternative in many ways.

  1. Immediate and long-term back / leg pain relief 
  2. Less time in operating room
  3. Faster relief
  4. Range of motion is still in tact (It preserves your natural range of motion)

CoFlex is the first and only motion preservation system with the highest level evidence in clinical data. This surgery has been done in over 163,000 patients worldwide with extreme success. If you have spinal stenosis check to see if you are a candidate. Request a consultation with one of our neurosurgeons today.


This procedure is a non-fusion, minimally-invasive alternative to laminectomy with or without spinal fusion. Preparation Anesthesia is administered and the patient is positioned. A small incision is made in the lower back.

Accessing the Spine

An opening is created through the ligaments at the rear of the spine. The surgeon can now access the spinous processes, the bony protrusions on the back of the spine, of the problem vertebrae.

Preparing the Implant Site

Some of the bony overgrowth of the spinous process may need to be removed for the implant to fit properly. A small portion of one or more lamina may also need to be resurfaced.

Implanting the Coflex™

Using fluoroscopic guidance, the Coflex™ implant is inserted through the incision and placed between the spinous processes.

End of Procedure and Aftercare

In many cases, the patient will be able to return home the same day or after an overnight stay. The surgeon will determine the length of the hospital stay and will guide the post-operative recovery.

Why Florida Surgery?

At Florida Surgery Consultants we have the best neurosurgeons in the entire state of Florida. We pride ourselves on having our doctors continuing to go back and learn new procedures. Dr. Jonathan Hall, one of our board certified neurosurgeons, has taken the course and has done many CoFlex surgeries. He is only of the only neurosurgeons in the entire state of Florida that is able to perform this procedure.

Co Flex Surgery General Questions and FAQs

Yes, sometimes our surgeons will prescribe physical therapy. Physical Therapy helps speed up the recovery process.

Our Co Flex devices are made out of pure titanium. Therefore if you need to go into an MRI machine you can and it will also not alert medal detectors.

During a clinical trial comparing coflex to a traditional spinal fusion, coflex had more successful outcomes than the traditional fusion surgery. 86 out of 100 patients had a successful outcome two years after the surgery while 77 out of 100 patients had successful outcomes from a spinal fusion.

If you are a candidate for a Co Flex surgery instead of a spinal fusion, it is better because the success rate is higher and it does not fuse your spine making it still movable. This also helps because it keeps it a working joint. The recovery time is also shortened because you have the ability to move.

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type of medical imaging that provides guidance so the surgeon can see inside your body

Guided surgery

Surgery that removes the lamina so there is more room for the nerves.

Laminectomy Surgery

The bony projections on the back of each vertebrae

Back of Spine

plate of bones that are on each wall of the vertebrae

Lamina in Spine

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