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Need Neurosurgery? We Offer Laminectomy Surgery and More

We at Florida Surgery Consultants in six different locations in Florida, Tampa, Orlando, Palm Harbor, The Villages, Brandon and Bradenton take pride in our patients to help them to find the right surgery or laminectomy surgery needed for any situation. Make sure you visit a specialist when pain first occurs. We want to make sure you get the best care there is and that we have time to fix what might be wrong. At Florida Surgery Consultants, our neurosurgeons work hard to find the best solution. Whether it be surgical or non-surgical, the opinions are endless to recovery.

Neurosurgeon Specialties

Neurosurgeons spend all day with patients and learning new ways to improve their skill. It takes time and practice to perform surgery. Here at Florida Surgery Consultants, we make time for anything and anyone who may need our help. Even if your problem seems simple, come in and ask us because we know what you need, even if you are unsure. Neurosurgeons focus on nerves, spine and brain functions throughout the body.  Making sure that all operations are done carefully to protect and/or repair the brain, spinal cords and nerves. When it comes to such important parts of the body that require careful procedures, it is in your best interests to look to the best. Florida Surgery Consultants are sure to know all about the procedure being done, your history and fully prepare themselves before performing any type of surgery. We take pride in your safety and comfort before and after surgery. Do not trust the internet to diagnose you properly, when neurosurgeons in your area are here to help. Let us help you find the issues and solution you have been looking for.  

Laminectomy Surgery

A laminectomy surgery removes the lamina. Once the lamina is removed, there is more room for nerves of the spine and reduces irritation of spinal nerves. After the surgery, the lamina does not grow back. Instead, scar tissue forms over the bone to protect spinal nerves. Laminectomy is a great procedure to have done with Florida Surgery Consultants, due to our experienced neurosurgeons skills. Trust in us to perform laminectomy safely and get you on your way to recovery in no time. Laminectomy is aimed to relieve nerve pressure in the back of your spinal canal. After having this procedure done, you will feel a million times better due to the skills of our neurosurgeons help. See us today! There is no better time to solve a painful situation then right now.  

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