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Knee Surgery

Excellence in Knee Surgery

One of the most common surgeries is knee surgery. From playing sports or just aging, your knee takes a beating. We at Florida Surgery Consultants always puts the patient first. Our doctors know that if you do need surgery, you want someone who can do the best job. This is why we have Dr. Richard Katz, who is a board certified orthopedic surgeon. He is one of the only board certified orthopedic surgeons in Florida (Orlando, Tampa, Bradenton (Lakewood Ranch), Brandon, and The Villages) with a sports medicine and orthopedic surgery certification. When you have knee surgery with us, you know you will be treated with the best orthopedic surgeon in Florida. Go where to surgeons would get knee surgery. 

The Patient always comes first

At Florida Surgery Consultants we pride ourselves on providing the best care for the patient. Whether it is a knee of shoulder injury, our surgeons are the best at what they do. Their outcomes are phenomenal and our patient satisfaction is through the roof. Whether it is a knee tear or a shoulder tear we can handle it all. 

Knee Surgeries Performed:


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