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Orthopedic Procedures

Orthopedic surgery

We know that it is stressful, especially when you are in need of orthopedic surgery and we are here to help. Our doctors are some of the best doctors in Florida. Dr. Richard Katz is one of the only board certified orthopedic surgeons in Florida. Having his sports medicine surgery certification along with his orthopedic surgery certification makes him one of the best in the business. We have got you covered. Go where the surgeons would get their surgery done. Florida Surgery Consultants only has the best to offer.

Orthopedic Surgery entails treatment procedures performed by an orthopedic specialist on the musculoskeletal system caused by injuries or other conditions. The musculoskeletal system involves joints, bones and adjacent soft tissues including muscles that enable bone movement, tendons that connect muscles to bones, and ligaments that connect the bones. Primarily, orthopedic surgeries are performed on hips, shoulders, ankles, elbow, knees, spine, and wrist. Also, orthopedic surgeons may use nonsurgical approaches to deal with orthopedic problems depending on the condition of the patient. Here are standard orthopedic procedures most orthopedic surgeons at Florida Surgery Consultants come across in Palm Harbor, FL. Reach out to Florida Surgery Consultants for information on any of these common procedures:

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