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Interventional Pain Procedures

Benefits of Interventional Pain Management

Interventional pain procedures are used to find the direct source of pain. A lot of trial and error tends to take place before finding the right treatment plan for all patients. Some common conditions interventional pain management is used for are: headaches, mouth or face pain, lower back pain, muscle and/or bone pain, and pain in the neck. Sometimes interventional pain management techniques play a role in a multi-disciplinary approach to relieve your pain and other symptoms. Some common techniques used at Florida Surgery Consultants are selective nerve root block, spinal cord stimulation, radio frequency ablation and epidural steroid injection.

Intervention Pain procedures reduce the amount of time patients are in pain. It also allows them to return to their everyday activities quicker and not sit around in pain. Learn new ways to cope with pain and understand ways to function instead of dealing with it by taking painkillers that may or may not work. Find ways to improve the overall quality of your life and move on with daily tasks.

Interventional pain management is made to help reduce pain and provide options for preventing or stopping pain in the future. This type of treatment helps patients get their life back and return to work, resume everyday activities and be there for friends and family.

Florida Surgery Consultants have many locations all over Florida for your convenience. Please visit us in Tampa, Palm Harbor, Orlando, The Villages/Lady Lake, Brandon, and Bradenton/Lakewood Ranch if you need Interventional Pain management or just want to speak to a surgeon. We are here to help you through whatever it may be. Trust us to take away your pain and find solutions to lead you into recovery.

Interventional Pain Procedures

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