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Breast Reconstruction

There are a variety of surgical techniques for breast reconstruction. Most mastectomy patients are medically appropriate for breast reconstruction, either immediately following breast removal or at a later time. The best candidates, however, are women whose cancer, as far as can be determined, seems to be eliminated by mastectomy. There are legitimate reasons to delay breast reconstruction. Some women may be advised by their surgeon or oncologist to wait until other forms of necessary cancer treatment are completed. Other patients may require more complex breast reconstruction procedures. Breast reconstruction has no known effect on altering the natural history of breast cancer or interfering with other forms of breast cancer treatment such as chemotherapy or radiation.

Car Accident Victims

At Florida Surgery Consultants we are able to help victims of auto accidents. Many times the brute force of the impact at the car accident can cause your breast implants to rupture due to the pressure of the seatbelt against your breasts. We have seen this happen multiple times and patients need to be seen by a top notch plastic surgeon such as Dr. Raj Ambay to get their breasts fixed. It can be a complicated process but we at Florida Surgery Consultants are here to help. Airbags and seatbelts can also cause burns during a car accident causing you to need to get plastic surgery to heal the scar tissue appropriately. 

How is Breast Reconstruction Surgery Done?

The DIEP flap technique of breast reconstruction involves the use of lower abdominal skin and fatty tissue with as little as possible amount of the abdominal muscle. This tissue is transferred to the chest wall region in order to reconstruct a breast mound. The blood vessels providing circulation to the tissue are re-connected to the blood vessels on the chest to re-establish flow of blood to the tissue in the new position. This vascular connection usually requires microsurgical techniques. Following the reconstruction of the breast mound, the lower abdominal incisions are closed. This is a modification of TRAM abdominal muscle flap breast reconstruction, but attempts to preserve the “six-pack” muscle function. In some cases, your plastic surgeon may recommend that a breast implant be inserted underneath the flap to give the breast mound additional projection.

Tissue flap techniques of breast reconstruction are useful in the following situations:

  • Inadequate chest wall tissue for breast reconstruction with implants or expanders.
  • Past history of radiation to chest wall after mastectomy.
  • Patients with concerns about breast implants.
  • Failure of earlier breast reconstruction.
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