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We Accept Aetna

At Florida Surgery Consultants, Aetna is one of the in network contracts we currently accept. Therefore if you if you have Aetna HMO insurance or Aetna PPO insurance you will be able to see one of our neurosurgeons or orthopedic surgeons for your injuries. Since we are in network, it will be very easy for you to schedule and appointment with one of our doctors. Please do not hesitate if you have any back pain, neck pain, knee pain, or shoulder pain. Our doctors are all board certified and have many non surgical procedures and surgical procedures they can do to help relieve your pain. Come in for a consultation and treat with the best doctors in Florida.

Why Choose Florida Surgery Consultants for your needs?

Florida Surgery Consultant’s business model is like no other. The main difference between us and most clinics that accept insurance is that we are a small business run by business men. Our staff is extremely competent and do their job extremely well. For a team of three surgeons we have a staff of 30. This is huge because at Florida Surgery Consultants, we make sure that the patient always comes first. One of the main things that makes this possible is having our doctors on salary. Since they are just employees of the practice, the doctors do what recommend what is right for the patient. It does not matter which health insurance you have or if you are a cash patient, our doctors are paid to treat patients and make the CORRECT recommendations. Therefore if you have Aetna Insurance, you should go to the best doctors that will do what is right for you.


If you have any questions on your insurance, please give our corporate office in Palm Harbor a call: (888) 411-6824. If you prefer emailing, feel free to use the contact box on the right hand side of this page. Our dedicated staff will direct you in the right direction. For your convenience, we have six clinic locations in Tampa, Orlando, Brandon, Bradenton (Lakewood Ranch), The Villages, and Palm Harbor. 

Insurance Questions?

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