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Laser Spine Institute Closes

Laser Spine Closed

Laser Spine Closes its doors

Laser Spine started in Tampa on March 16, 2016 with three doctors, one operation room, and nine employees. They outgrew their facility and expanded to Philadelphia, Oklahoma City, and Scottsdale Arizona. After growing so rapidly they expanded again in Tampa, Florida to Avion park near the Tampa International Airport. The 176,000 square-foot building that cost $56million to build was not the end of their expansion. In the later months they opened in St. Louis and Cincinnati. The growth must have been extremely quick.

Here are some of the things they advertised:

  • No Lengthy Recovery Time
  • Board-Certified Surgeons
  • Patient Satisfaction Score of 98
  • Less Than 1-inch incision
  • Outpatient Procedure
  • 98 out of 100 recommendation rate

On Friday March 1, 2019 Laser Spine Institute officially closed its doors, fired all of their employees and told them to leave without letting anyone know ahead of time. More than 500 employees lost their jobs. It is unfortunate for all the families that were affected by the sudden closings and for all the patients that flew in from all around the world expecting to get their back pain fixed by a spine surgeon. Many patients that flew to Tampa for spine surgery are now in disbelief and are now out of pocket money from not working, hotel money, and food money.

Where should all the patients go?

Laser Spine Representative said that they would attempt to contact other surgical providers in the areas that they serve, we at Florida Surgery Consultants have not heard anything.

At Florida Surgery Consultants our board certified Neurosurgeons are able to handle all the surgeries that Laser Spine Institute handled. All of the bullet points that Laser Spine has as advantages Florida Surgery also has as advantages. The biggest difference between Laser Spine and Florida Surgery Consultants is when it comes to pricing. When you treat with one of our board certified Neurosurgeons , you are treating with some of the top rated spine surgeons in the state of Florida.

We are here to help any patients that have been affected by Laser Spine Institute closing. We understand that it may be a very stressful situation after you have gone through the process of getting to the point of surgery, but we are ready for the task of helping our patient to relieving their back pain. The Florida Surgery Consultants staff is ready to accommodate all patients that Laser Spine had scheduled for surgery.

Why Choose Florida Surgery Consultants?

If you want to schedule a consultation with one of our spine surgeons please contact our office at (888) 411-6824 and we will try to get you in a quick as possible. Our clinics only have a two week or less waiting period.

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