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8 Surprising Facts About Runner’s Knee

Florida Surgery Consultants in Bradenton, FL (The Villages, Palm Harbor, Orlando, Brandon, and Tampa) is here to help you reduce the pain or even cure runner’s knee with the help of our experienced knee doctor. Our experienced orthopedic surgeon and staff is here if you desire a second option. Trust us to get you feeling better in no time!

The Knee Doctor Knows Best

Runner’s knee got its nickname because it is one of the most common issues affecting runners, although, it not only occur in runners. With the right treatment, pain can be relieved and one can continue on with everyday activities that runners enjoy.

Around the kneecap, pain can often be felt to a higher degree as unlike other bones, the knee floats freely. Moving back and forth as you bend your leg, it causes a high level of discomfort in patients. In some cases, muscle weakness, tightness and imbalance becomes an issue and can throw off your alignment. The kneecap then rubs against the thighbone causing knee pain and swelling that worsens with activity. You do not want to have to see an orthopedic surgeon because you overworked your knee and it did not heal properly. Make sure to allow your knee the proper amount of time to rest and heal.

Even though you may feel pain in your knee, it can often be an effect of an issue with another area of your body. Weak muscles in your hips or core are the most common reasons. They are supposed to hold you up, so when they are out of whack, your knees drift inward, causing you to feel pain- and make you feel as if you are off balance.

Runner’s knee becomes worse over time and develops slowly. You’ll feel discomfort at first, when going up or down the stairs, standing up or sitting down, changing positions, etc.

Other risk factors for runner’s knee  are repetitive motions such as bending the knee over and over again. If you’re out of alignment, there is a lot of bone-on-bone contact. Any athlete can be prone to runner’s knee risks, even going to the gym may contribute to this type of knee pain.

Manage your knee pain at home with ice, medications such as ibuprofen, and cut back on activities while your knee is healing. Some people use tape or a knee brace, however letting your knee heal on its own, unless suggested by a knee doctor, is the best way to go.  If the pain lingers be sure to visit Florida Surgery Consultants in Bradenton, FL where a knee doctor can make sure your knee is healing just fine and make sure you do not need to see a orthopedic surgeon.

Strength training can help relieve runner’s knee pain based on your treatment plan. Stretching your muscles in your glutes, thighs, and calves will help improve alignment and decrease knee pain as well.

A physical therapist may change the way you walk and have you follow a strength training program. Taking shorter, faster steps takes pressure off of your knees. If you count your steps and pay attention to the way you walk, it will improve over time and take off any unnecessary pressure.

Orthopedic Surgeon Tips

If you hurt your knee, it is important to get it looked at right away if the pain last longer than a week. Your knee is a part of your body that gets a lot of use. Trust us at Florida Surgery Consultants to fix any knee injury you may have and get it taken care of because the longer you wait the more pain you will be in later on.

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