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Interventional Procedures By An Orthopedic Specialist

How Do Interventional Procedures Benefit You

Imagine a new breakthrough in orthopedic surgery that allowed you to be back up and running within hours, not days. How wonderful would it be to undergo surgery on your knees, back, ankles, wrists or hips and feel little pain or discomfort afterwards. On top of all that, imagine the surgery were to leave minimal scarring.This is what advanced technologies in interventional procedures now offers. Florida surgery consultants, located in Palm Harbor, specializes in conducting minimal invasive surgeries that allow patients to enjoy life faster without losing any quality in service.

Those who suffer from pain as a result of musculoskeletal injuries or disorders should understand that, in most cases, surgery is not always the answer. An orthopedic specialist has a number of interventional and minimally invasive procedures in their arsenal to offer instead. More often than not, these procedures result in less pain, quicker healing times and better long-term results than traditional surgery.

Traditional orthopedic surgery usually involves a surgical incision between eight to 12 inches long in most cases. Depending on the type of surgery, incisions can be made through tendons and muscle tissue. This can take two to three months to fully heal, resulting in longer time away from those important activities in your life. Traditional surgeries also carry higher risks. Heavy bleeding is one of the main concerns when traditional surgery is involved. There is also the issue of using heavier anesthesia, which can also cause a number of risks to a patient’s health.

How Interventional Minimal Invasive Surgery Revolutionized Orthopedics

Florida surgery consultants employ new technologies in interventional procedures that result in the lessening of incision length. This is done by employing special surgical tools that allow for a smaller, usually one to two inch, incision.

Smaller incisions mean:

  • Smaller scars
  • Less bleeding
  • Less postoperative pain
  • Faster healing time
  • Returning to normal activities faster

In most cases, when interventional procedures are conducted, orthopedic doctors use a small camera which is guided to the problem location. This small camera allows the orthopedic specialist to conduct the fixes needed without the need for creating larger incisions.

Then there are concerns about the difference in price. Generally, this kind of surgery is noticeably cheaper. When you are considering getting surgery you have to calculate your time in the hospital, waiting to heal. Every day in the hospital costs you money. And this isn’t money that goes toward the orthopedic specialist. Most of the hospital bill will be for your room.

Each patient is judged on a case-to-case basis, so one cannot say when you will be able to go home after an interventional procedure. As these procedures increase, patients have been known to go home the same day with personalized care.

For almost any part of your body that needs healing, today’s orthopedic specialists offer arthroscopic and other minimally invasive procedures, including interventional pain medicine. These include:

  • Fractures and injuries
  • Hand and shoulder surgery and therapy
  • Arthroscopic procedures
  • Partial and total joint replacements for the hip, knee, shoulder, hand, wrist, elbow and ankle
  • Spinal surgery and therapy

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