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Ankle Surgery

There are many ankle surgeons you can choose from. We know that it can be frustrating when choosing the right doctor. There are hundreds of orthopedic surgeons in Palm Harbor, Orlando, Tampa, Brandon, Lake Mary, and Lakewood Ranch. Which orthopedic surgeon should you choose for your ankle surgery? Look not further because we have the best orthopedic surgeon in Florida. This is proven because he is one of the only double board certified orthopedic surgeons in Florida. Dr. Christopher MacLaren is the right choice to make when it comes to ankle surgery. His other board certification is in sports medicine, which means that he does surgeries for professional athletes. Why would you not go to the best ankle surgeon in Tampa when you are in need of ankle surgery? 

You may wonder because he is double board certified and takes care of professional athletes that the costs would be outrageous. This is why we decided to start taking medical insurance. If you have blue cross blue shield you will be able to get your surgery done here at Florida Surgery Consultants. Go where the surgeons would get their surgery. Go get your surgery done with Dr. Christopher MacLaren, the best orthopedic surgeon in Tampa, Orlando, Lake Mary, Lakewood Ranch, and Brandon. 

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