Orthopaedic Procedures

Orthopedic surgery entails treatment procedures performed by an orthopedic specialist on the musculoskeletal system caused by injuries or other conditions. The musculoskeletal system involves joints, bones and adjacent soft tissues including muscles that enable bone movement, tendons that connect muscles to bones, and ligaments that connect the bones. Primarily, orthopedic surgeries are performed on hips, shoulders, ankles, elbow, knees, spine, and wrist. Also, orthopedic surgeons may use nonsurgical approaches to deal with orthopedic problems depending on the condition of the patient. Here are standard orthopedic procedures most orthopedic surgeons at Florida Surgery Consultants come across in Palm Harbor, FL. Reach out to Florida Surgery Consultants for information on any of these common procedures:


Common Types of Orthopedic Surgeries

Total Shoulder Replacement


It sounds painful, but a complete shoulder replacement helps patients feel better by reducing the pain they feel in a joint. An orthopedic specialist replaces the damaged bone parts and parts of cartilage using a plastic implant or metal. The procedure enhances the range of motion at shoulder joints, just like any other replacement surgery.


Total Joint Replacement


Most patients who have undergone this orthopedic procedure have been in the past diagnosed with severe arthritis. Also, the patient might be seeking an enhanced range of motion or seeking pain relief. The surgeons assess the damaged joint parts, which usually lie within many joints. The specialist will then replace the damaged parts with plastic or metal-plastic surfaces that have been naturally shaped to restore the normal function and knee movements.


Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Reconstruction


ACL is the primary stabilizing ligament of a person’s knees. When the ligament ruptures, an orthopedic specialist will reconstruct. Usually, rupture of this ligament happens due to twisting one’s knees the wrong way or when an individual regularly participates in sports. Surgeons get rid of the torn ligament during the orthopedic procedure using the individual’s tissue or the tissue of a donor’s organ. The surgeon then attaches the new ligament to your bone using screws or other devices that help in holding the ligament in place. The bone tunnels made by the specialist to incorporate new tissue start filling in as the knee heals, which secures the new ligament in place.


Spine Surgery


Spine surgery can become necessary when caused by an array of problems such as increased back pains that make your day-to-day life unbearable. Patients who decide to undergo spine surgery have less pain than before, increased productivity, experience increased activity, and better physical fitness than before. Spinal fusion is one of the most common back surgeries. Surgeons join spinal bones during this procedure. They join the vertebrae together to restrict motion between spines’ bones. The method also limits the nerves from stretching.


Arm and Elbow Surgery


Orthopedic surgeons have the medical knowledge necessary to perform a wide variety of arm and elbow surgeries including those aimed at correcting broken and fractured bones, tennis elbow, and arthritis. The specialist will evaluate and diagnose your arm and elbow injuries to come up with the appropriate surgery.


Achilles Tendon Ruptures


You will most likely feel a pop or snap when your Achilles tendon ruptures. Pain will follow the pop in your lower leg or at the back of your ankle. The surgeon’s advice on a surgery that will enable the patient to walk correctly depending on the extent of the injury.


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